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Motor Insurance

Insure your vehicles and enjoy the drive carefree


The deposit placed by investors with companies for a fixed term carrying a prescribed rate of interest is called Company Fixed Deposit. Financial institutions and Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) also accept such deposits.

Recurring deposits (RD):

Features of Recurring Deposit RD allows you to earn fixed interests on the amount invested at frequent intervals until the investment matures or a pre-determined term ends. The total amount (i.e., the capital invested and the interest accumulated) is disbursed to the investor after the maturity period completes.

Fixed Deposits (FD) :

The investment amount has been locked in at a specific interest rate, it remains unaffected by further changes in interest rates or market fluctuations. Thus, you can get guaranteed returns on your deposit, and you can choose to get your interest on a periodic basis, or at maturity. Usually, the defining criteria for FD is that the money cannot be withdrawn before maturity, but you may withdraw them after paying a penalty. There are two types of fixed deposits, which are differentiated on the basis of frequency of payouts. The two types are namely, cumulative and non-cumulative deposits.

Cumulative Deposits:

  • When you invest in a cumulative fixed deposit, you do not receive interest payouts at regular intervals.

Non-Cumulative Deposits:

  • When you invest in a non-cumulative fixed deposit, you receive interest payouts at fixed intervals decided by you. Submit the 15G/15H (For senior citizens) forms every year at the beginning of the financial year. This will ensure that not deduct any TDS on your interest income

Home loan

Housing Loan is a stepping stone in realizing your dream home. LIC HFL offers wide variety of home loans which will fulfill your needs at one of the lowest interest rates available. Our home loans cater to all types of customer base viz., salaried, self-employed, professional, NRIs, etc. Our products are customizable according to your home loan eligibility.

We are also dealing with other home loan products:

  • Home Construction loan
  • Top up on Home loan
  • Flat/Land purchasing loan
  • Mortgage loan

Why you need to choose Us ?

To get below Door step services

  • Doorstep document collection
  • Sharing the Housing loan statement
  • Providing an information on interest rate reduction
  • Provide a service for Loan closing, part payment etc...

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Income tax Filing

To get below Door step services

We will refer the form 16 and other source income to do the income tax filing for Individual, whereas for business people we consult chartered account for the appropriate cases and support them for filing

Stock Markets:

Stocks – Equity shares are the High risk investments

As an authorised Stock broking agent, We will create a free DEMAT and Trading Account. Based on the current market scenario will guide you to buy /sell the shares.

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Bonds :

RBI or GOI Bond :

RBI has announced the launch of Floating Rate savings bonds ,2020(taxable) with an interest rate of 7.15%.The interest rate on these bonds will be reset every six months

54EC bonds :

54EC Bonds are specifically meant for investors earning long-term capital gains and would like tax exemption on these gains. Tax deduction is available under section 54EC of the Income Tax Act. ... The maximum limit for investing in 54EC bonds is Rs. 50,00,000. The eligible bonds under Section 54EC – that specifically meant for investors earning long-term capital gains and would like tax exemption on these gains – are the bonds offered by REC (Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd), NHAI (National Highways Authority of India), PFC (Power Finance Corporation Ltd) and IRFC (Indian Railways Finance Corporation Limited)

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